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We are honored to remember many of our dearest furry friends who are no longer with us, and to share their stories with you. If you have had a Cat Corner kitty who has passed away we would be glad to include them as well; you can email us and our web person will contact you about adding your friend to our Rainbow Bridge page.

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On May 4th 2014 we lost our good friend and special kitchen kitty Blackie. Blackie had called the Cat Corner home since early 2007 when her family moved from an apartment and left her behind. Blackie had a larger than life personality who made her presence known wherever she was. She will always be remembered as the reason the kitchen door had to be bungeed shut due to her constant desire to be in the office. All of the volunteers will remember Blackie’s efforts to “help” us prepare food in the morning and of course she had to be the first one served. After seven years of living with us Blackie had an adoption pending. Sadly, Blackie did not have a chance to go and live with her new family. Early in the morning on May 4th, our Blackie was found on her side on the kitchen floor. She was alert, but not ambulatory and was panting. X-rays showed multiple masses in her chest cavity and only one functioning lung. We had to let out dear Blackie go. We will always remember and miss our Blackie with her one white whisker.

Our perfect little Calico Renea crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 29 March 2014. Renea had come to the Cat Corner in Jan 2010 after she was found wandering around a neighborhood looking for food. She had been with us for over two years when one of our volunteers decided to give Renea her Forever Home. Her human parents told us this about Renea, “She had other furry friends to play with at her new home and she would run through the house making her noises as she played with them. She loved to climb up on your chest when you’re were sleeping and needle on you as if to say “I really love it here, thank you for everything you have done for me, I could not have asked for better Parents than you and Mom”. Renea passed suddenly on Saturday; she was lying right next to her Mommy’s pillow when she was found. It was one of her favorite places to relax. We wish she could have been with us longer, but God needed her with him and we will cherish the two years that we were blessed with her. Rest easy our sweet little bulldog Calico Renea, you will forever be in our hearts.

On January 28 Matthew left us and all of his porch friends . He came to live with us in June 2004 from Mugbeys. We never knew much about his early life except that he was not too trusting of people. Over the years Matthew learned that the volunteers at the Cat Corner were friendly and would not hurt him. While at the Cat Corner Matthew had plenty of food and water, a number of cat friends and most importantly his Cat condos on the porch on which he could always be seen sleeping or sitting. Even though he was never a lap cat, he was a special boy that will were glad to know. He will be missed by everyone. Matthew passed away at night in his sleep and was found on one of favorite cat condos.

Phoebus was a sad little kitty when he first found the Cat Corner. He appeared at our door back in 2005. He was gentle and loving but because of a chronic illness, he had to be a backyard kitty. We couldn’t let him come into the shelter with the other cats. He quickly became the King of the outdoor kitties and the official greeter to anyone who came into his Cat Corner domain. He especially liked the yard sales that we had at the shelter and using “himself” as an example, made sure everyone knew what good work we were doing for the kitties. Here you can see him after a hard day's work during a yard sale in which Phoebus went around to everyone, allowing them to pet him. During the summers he could be found sleeping or just sunning himself in the flower bed in front of the porch windows. In 2009, Phoebus won the heart of one of our visitors and was adopted and finally given his very own home and family. Just recently, Phoebus crossed the Rainbow Bridge and everyone who knew him, especially his adopted family was very sad to see him go. We can just see him now, prancing across the rainbow bridge, greeting Buckroe and Zorro, his fellow backyard playmates and Martha who found him and gave him a second chance at a good life. We will miss you our little Phoebus boy. You made us know that the rescue work that we do is worthwhile.


Camilla was a very old girl who found herself at the Cat Corner. All that we knew of her was that she was wearing a blue collar, and that she was very unhappy with the turn of events. The doctors estimated her age to be about 17 years old when she came to live with us. At first our little old Camilla was a little cranky curmudgeon, but in time she became accepting of us and our help. Camilla had a hyperactive thyroid and a few other issues, and once she received treatment Camilla became a rather nice senior citizen. We soon discovered her most favorite thing in the world was food. That little olf girl could put away more food than most of the shelter big boys. One of the first sounds you would almost always hear coming into the Cat Corner in the morning was her scratchy meow demanding to be fed. Camilla tended to live in the kitchen and would receive a number of head scratches and pets as people would go in and out every day. In a short peiod of time Camilla had become a fixture with us, but it was not to last. A little over two year after Camilla came to live with us, she became sick and was having difficulty breathing and no appetite. Doctors tried different medicines, but there was no improvement and she was suffering.. We had to let our dear girl go. It was a incredibly hard thing to do, but it was our final act of kindness toward her. Camilla left us gently and gracefully and knowing that she was loved by many.

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