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We are honored to remember many of our dearest furry friends who are no longer with us, and to share their stories with you. If you have had a Cat Corner kitty who has passed away we would be glad to include them as well; you can email us and our web person will contact you about adding your friend to our Rainbow Bridge page.

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Our perfect little Calico Renea crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 29 March 2014. Renea had come to the Cat Corner in Jan 2010 after she was found wandering around a neighborhood looking for food. She had been with us for over two years when one of our volunteers decided to give Renea her Forever Home. Her human parents told us this about Renea, “She had other furry friends to play with at her new home and she would run through the house making her noises as she played with them. She loved to climb up on your chest when you’re were sleeping and needle on you as if to say “I really love it here, thank you for everything you have done for me, I could not have asked for better Parents than you and Mom”. Renea passed suddenly on Saturday; she was lying right next to her Mommy’s pillow when she was found. It was one of her favorite places to relax. We wish she could have been with us longer, but God needed her with him and we will cherish the two years that we were blessed with her. Rest easy our sweet little bulldog Calico Renea, you will forever be in our hearts.

Camilla was a very old girl who found herself at the Cat Corner. All that we knew of her was that she was wearing a blue collar, and that she was very unhappy with the turn of events. The doctors estimated her age to be about 17 years old when she came to live with us. At first our little old Camilla was a little crank curmudgeon, but in time she became accepting of us and our help. Camilla had a hyperactive thyroid and a few other issues, and once she received treatment Camilla became a rather nice senior citizen. We soon discovered her most favorite thing in the world was food. That little olf girl could put away more food than most of the shelter big boys. One of the first sounds you would almost always hear coming into the Cat Corner in the morning was her scratchy meow demanding to be fed. Camilla tended to live in the kitchen and would receive a number of head scratches and pets as people would go in and out every day. In a short peiod of time Camilla had become a fixture with us, but it was not to last. A little over two after Camilla came to live with us, she became sick and was having difficulty breathing and no appetite. Doctors tried different medicines, but there was no improvement and she was suffering.. We had to let our dear girl go. It was a incredibly hard thing to do, but it was our final act of kindness toward her. Camilla left us gently and gracefully and knowing that she was loved by many.

We will remember Siren's bold resilience around The Cat Corner. She was well respected by cats and humans alike, and often coined as "The Queen of the Cat Corner." You could often find her overseeing the grounds of the Cat Corner in her own "chateau". In Siren's downtime, she enjoyed the service of head rubs and treats by our volunteers. This tough little kitty never let her ailments get the best of her personality, even towards her final days she was eating in royalty. Siren has left a permanent indention in the hearts of The Cat Corner family and we will never forget her.

Marble came to the Cat Corner in 1998. She was not use to humans and was very shy. She settled in a bottom cage and soon accepted this as her safe place. Each day she would venture out to the sun porch where she had a favorite spot on a cat tree. She was a bit of a loner and seemed content to lay in the sun on her favorite ledge. In 2007, Marble caught the eye of a visitor to Cat Corner. She had seen Marble on the Web Site and was drawn to Marble because she especially liked Torties. After a couple of meetings during which Marble hissed, the nice lady brought in a brush and began to brush Marble. That did it. Marble started purring and soon after moved into her new home. Marble died on 5 July 2013 but spent the past 6 years in a happy home with her loving family. She will be missed by her cat brother, Cisco, and all her human friends.

Adam was left at the Cat Corner on Christmas Eve in 1995, when he was a very young adult. Adam spent twelve years waiting for that perfect family to rescue him with a permanent home of his own. While at the Cat Corner, he grew into a handsome 19 pound guy who was friendly with everyone. After being passed over for over ten years, Adam found that he had an admirer - his sponsor Madeline. After visiting Adam faithfully that year, he was adopted and moved into his forever home right after Christmas of 2007. Adam was approximately 13 years old but acclimated very well to his new family. Since leaving, he's traveled across the country to move to California, and he loved it there. Adam seemed to get younger every day! He loved sitting in the sun for hours a day, and he'd move himself across the living room to follow the sun as it moved. He was extremely happy and well loved. Adam loved to look at himself in a full-length mirror (probably because he was so handsome). He faithfully waited for Madeline to come home from school and would miss her when she would have a sleep-over with friends. At first the steps in the home were difficult for him, perhaps due to his weight. However, as the years passed, Adam trimmed down naturally to a healthy eight pounds. Unfortunately, in early April 2013 Adam developed urinary problems and eventually was not able to walk. Although he showed no signs of being in pain at the end, they recognized that it has his time to go. Adam's family was heartbroken, but knew that this was in his best interest. They had become each other's best friends and will be so sorely missed by everyone who knew Adam.

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